Music's Promise

Giving Back Never Sounded So Good

What is Music's Promise?

Music is the universal language that’s understood by everyone. We made a promise to harness its unique power to spread the message of worthy causes across the globe.

Our Mission

Music's Promise is the music industry's social responsibility program, addressing important social issues in the U.S. and around the world. We provide the infrastructure for artists and music companies to support causes that are important to them.

Our History

Founded during the global pandemic of 2020, we recognize the responsibility the music industry has to give back to our communities. We made a promise to use our influence to offer ongoing support to those in need.

Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors is comprised of artists, music executives and industry employees. We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. Each member utilizes their unique talents while working as a collective group to raise awareness and support many worthy causes.

Areas Of Focus


Our programs utilize our strong relationships within the music industry to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes around the world. We’re focused on supporting issues that will improve the lives of millions of people.

The Music Auction

The Music Auction

The Music Auction is an exclusive online platform for artists, music companies and executives to independently list items to raise funds and awareness for causes that are important to them.

The Music Industry Relief Fund

The Music Industry Relief Fund

Music's Promise Relief Fund is the Music Industry's collective response to aid survivors and communities impacted by diasters or emergencies.